Spinal adjustment in Springfield

Fewer instances are more crippling than a bout with intense lower back pain. When it strikes, it can feel like getting slugged by a mallet. At that point, all you can do is lie down—somewhere, anywhere—and hope for the best. Or… you know.  There’s always the prospect of getting a proper spinal adjustment in Springfield, courtesy of Springfield Chiropractic Clinic. Couldn’t be easier.

Suffering from degenerative disc disease? A few primary factors are at the root cause. Inflammation—that’s right. You see, there are spaces between each disc. When the proteins within said spaces irritate the nerve (both large and small), you have a serious problem. The next major factor is what’s called abnormal micro-motion instability. This occurs when the annulus fibrosus (the disc’s outer rings) are worn down, reducing their capacity for absorbing spinal stress effectively—forcing moving throughout the vertebral segment. The combination of these two factors (micro-motion and inflammatory proteins) results in consistent, crippling lower back pain. Even the simpler things in life become a challenge to do. Twisting, bending, and picking up even moderately light objects eventually becomes completely out of the question. It’s pivotal to get this treated sooner rather than later. Later can mean that (as the word degenerative implies) this condition’s symptoms will intensify over time. And if you can do something about it, why wait? Visit Springfield Chiropractic Clinic soon for a spinal adjustment in Springfield. And get that pep back in your step.   

Wait no more. If you’re afflicted by degenerative disc disease, now is the time to take control over life and this condition. It starts…with a very simple act. Pick up the phone and reach out to Springfield Chiropractic Clinic. Speak to our staff about scheduling an appointment either via phone or e-mail. Then treat yourself to a first-rate spinal adjustment in Springfield.