Nutrition Expert in Springfield

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Nutrition expert in Springfield

Nutrition expert in Springfield

Are you thinking that you would like to start feeling better? Are you tired of feeling sluggish or overweight? Do you think that you are not eating healthfully and that this could be a cause of some of your health problems or your feelings of tiredness? If so, it seems like you will benefit from meeting with a nutrition expert who can give you expert nutritional advice. If you would like to meet with our nutrition expert in Springfield who can come up with plans for the best foods for you to eat, contact us at Springfield Chiropractic Clinic.

At Springfield Chiropractic Clinic we offer a wide variety of chiropractic procedures and nutritional programs that will help you feel better. We help our patients obtain optimal health through sound nutrition practices. Our nutrition expert in Springfield will be able to meet with you and help develop a program that will make it possible for you to meet your wellness goals. Our practice was founded by Dr. Timothy Wenneborg. He has over 24 years of training in advanced chiropractic techniques, and is dedicated to the health and well-being of all of our patients.

At our Springfield Chiropractic Clinic we are all dedicated to helping our patients achieve whole body health. Our nutrition expert in Springfield will discuss with you what you want to achieve in terms of wellness and help you meet your goals. Some of our patients want to lose weight while others just want to feel better or have more energy. We believe that good nutrition calls for balance and sustainability. Diet, exercise and a realistic nutrition plan are all part of the picture. If a plan is not realistic, we know our client will not be likely to stay on the plan. We will come up with a nutritional plan that works with your lifestyle so that you will be more likely to help you reach your goal of optimal health. We also help clients lose weight and keep it off. Our weight loss experts will offer you guidance and support, as well as spell out a program that will specifically work for you. If you would like to meet with one of our nutrition experts, contact our clinic today.

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