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Springfield IL orthotics

Springfield IL orthotics

If you have painful feet, this problem can often be improved and the pain will be made to feel better by wearing foot orthotics. It is also known that problems with your feet can create pain in other parts of your body. If you are a good candidate for foot orthotics, our chiropractor at Springfield Chiropractic clinic will be happy to prescribe Springfield IL orthotics for you to help fix a variety of painful body problems.

At our Springfield Chiropractic Clinic our expert and highly trained chiropractor is Dr. Timothy Wenneborg. Dr. Wenneborg has been providing exemplary care to his patients for almost 25 years. There are many times when our chiropractor finds that orthotic shoe inserts will help patients feel better when faced with painful conditions such as flat feet, leg pain, and even back pain problems. Orthotics are effective in helping a patient correct their irregular walking pattern which can cause pain in the legs, hips, and even back. Prescription orthotics are very different then the shoe inserts that you see for sale in stores. Prescription orthotics are custom-made to fit the individual patient. Your Springfield IL orthotics will provide support specifically for you. The orthotics will be designed to specifically follow the contours of your own feet. Orthotics are very effective in helping to correct biomechanical foot problems, or fix foot issues, which a patient has been dealing with for a long time.

Springfield IL orthotics will be prescribed after our chiropractor has thoroughly evaluated your feet, ankles and legs. Since chiropractors treat the whole body, they are trained to be able to determine how the use of orthotics can help with problems that create back, hip, knee or ankle pain. Our chiropractor also uses some manipulative techniques for the feet to ensure that areas of unrestricted movement are released. This will have an effect of how your feet are functioning and will help relieve your foot problem and possibly even your back pain. Our chiropractor will also provide you with specific exercises that will help strengthen your feet and legs. Hopefully, the use of orthotics combined with manipulation and an exercise program may help relieve back pain and restore your body to its normal functioning. For an appointment to see our chiropractor for pain relief, contact us today.

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