Springfield Back Pain Treatment

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Springfield back pain treatment

Springfield back pain treatment

When you have back pain, there is only one thing that you can think of, and that is getting relief as soon as possible. Fortunately, our Springfield back pain treatment is safe and effective and is ideal for you if you have not sought any help before, of even if you have already been to see your primary doctor or a medical specialist and have not gotten the results you want and need. You may even have had surgery mentioned, but that is an invasive and risky procedure, and one that may not be at all necessary for you. That’s why we suggest you come to see us at Springfield Chiropractic Clinic.

Back pain can be localized to the upper, middle, or lower back. Each area has a specific set of of challenges and requires a unique approach from our Springfield back pain treatment. Among the causes of back pain, especially in the lower back, are degenerative disc disease, lumbar disc herniation, and simple muscle strain. As you age, join degeneration becomes more likely. When to comes to middle or upper back pain, muscle strain and overuse are more common. Other possibilities are osteoarthritis, poor posture, the impact of an injury, or pressure on the nerves from a herniated disc.

As part of our Springfield back pain treatment, our chiropractor will examine you and work with you to find the best way to address the situation, taking into consideration your individual circumstances, the origin of the pain, and your medical history. Among the treatment options is diversified spinal and extremity adjustments, in which adjustments are made to joints outside of the spinal area, with the goal of reducing pain, improving motion, relaxing muscles, and promoting healing. Good nutrition is also important, as is weight loss if you need it. Our chiropractor won’t just suggest it, but will help you get it done with the assistance of experts. The use of cold laser therapy, as well as suggesting shoe inserts (orthotics) may also be included in your treatment. Believe it or not, back pain can sometimes be traced back to abnormal or irregular walking.

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